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  1. Hej! Vi gör en presentation om Indiska i skolan (Åbo yrkesinstitut) och jag undrar om du har några bilder att skicka om Indiska? Tack på förhand!

    Hello! We have a presentation about Indiska in school and I wonder if you have any pictures about Indiska to send to us? Thank you !

    Comment by Jill — Mon, September 24, 2012 @ 12:25

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Renée Andersson / Indiska

Q&A with Renée Andersson, Ethics and Environment manager, Indiska.

What is Sustainabilty to you?

Sustainability for Indiska is when ethics, environment and economics are in a joint venture.

Have you experienced “greenwashing” in your work?

Yes. Indiska has the same suppliers as many other companies. Some of them have a Code of Conduct and Environmental policies as we, but they never visit their suppliers in order of making improvements. For us – this behaviour is a fake behaviour.

What role do you think we communicators have when a client want to push an unsustainable product or service using greenwashing tactics?

Ask them how they will show their “walk of their talk” in a credible way? Tell them what a big risk they take and convince them to be true – even if the truth is not nice. Probably they do something, or at least have given it a thought of what could be done.  If so – let them tell about the small steps of improvements they have taken, even if just an analyze of the situation, and then to be open and frank regarding the other steps they have to take/are planning to take.

Where do you draw the line?

If all are exaggerations or a big lie I should not risk my name as a communicator.