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Good morning Mr. Magnus Nordin, CEO of Nestlé Sweden AB. You just ran out of places to hide.

What does sustainability mean to you? Based on what we’ve seen on your website, it means taking a tiny initiative and blow it way out of proportion in your communication.

For example: On your Zoégas factory building in Helsingborg you proudly declare that ”Nestlé contributes to improving the air quality in Helsingborg”. Sure sounds good, until you realize that what you’ve done is minimize pollution from your own factory, the very factory that made the air worse in the first place. Or are you actually releasing substances into the air that make it cleaner? No? Didn’t think so.

Another example: On your website you have no less than five symbols for sustainable commitment, including two Fair Trade symbols. For a company with four Fair Trade products out of a total of about 350, it seems a little out of proportion. Also, even though you follow international law and ethics and have your own “Nestlé Corporate Business Principles”, you simply “expect your suppliers and partners to follow those principles”? Sounds very convenient.

Unless we’re missing something essential here, it seems like your will to look sustainable is bigger than your will to actually act sustainable. Problem is, the way you act is the way you communicate. And if you claim you’re sustainable, you better deliver on that claim.

At Berghs School of Communication we have realized that our future depends on honesty. We’re tired of being asked to lie. Tired of putting politically correct glitter on politically incorrect shit.

So we have an idea. Why don’t you come to our school and see for yourself how communication can make a difference when you have something real to say. Come and see how having a sustainable plan means having a sustainable way of making money. Come here and leave with a new inspiring perspective.

We will wait for your response, so please send it to In the meantime, we will make this letter public on

This is only the beginning. Are you in or out?

Best regards


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