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Harry McNeil / The Good Guys

The other side of bashing

Yes, corporation’s greenwashing should be questioned. No doubt about it. I am so tired of companies telling grand stories about minimal initiatives they have launched while neglecting the tough decisions that must be made for a sustainable world.

On the other hand: many companies have been so aware of the risks of being questioned they do not dare communicate anything about the innovative business transformation they are in the midst of. And we need the stories! I want to be inspired of what Danone have done with Grameen Or even worse: companies become hesitant to even try to change their business models. Out of fear of being questioned by media.

What we need is NGO, media, consumers and corporations engaging in more conversations. We need ongoing discussions about what to do and how to do it. We must be creative together to transform and tackle the enormous global challenges. We need more courageous alliances.

We want to see more of:

Danone and Grameen fighting malnutrition

Coca-Cola and WWF preserving water

• Indiska working closely with their suppliers

• Telge, Peab and Manpower uniting to create jobs

• And large corporations to start working closely with PeePoople