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  1. [...] Studentbyrån på Berghs har skickat brev till massor av olika företga, bland annat ett till Cloetta. [...]

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we question you


Good morning Mr. Curt Petri, CEO of Cloetta AB. You just ran out of places to hide.

We have seen your advertising for ”Cloetta Good”, and we’re curious. You claim that this product is produced in a sustainable way, for which it has been marked with the Fairtrade symbol. What about your other 80 or so brands? Where is the sustainable production chain in those?

Do you really think one product is enough to profile Cloetta as a sustainable company?

If you do, then here’s another fact for you. The way you act is the way you communicate. And if you claim you are sustainable, you better deliver on that claim.

At Berghs School of Communication we have realized that our future depends on honesty. We’re tired of being asked to lie. Tired of putting politically correct glitter on politically incorrect shit.

So we have an idea. Why don’t you come to our school and see for yourself how communication can make a difference when you have something real to say. Come and see how having a sustainable plan means having a sustainable way of making money. Come here and leave with a new inspiring perspective.

We will wait for your response, so please send it to respond@studentbyran.se. In the meantime, we will make this letter public on sustainableplan.se.

This is only the beginning. Are you in or out?

Best regards,


Link to Cloetta’s campaign

To aid us when we question companies and organizations that might not live up to their sustainable promise, we have a group of consultants with extensive experience in CSR.

your answer

2010-04-13 Studentbyrån, Thanks for the letter and for your commitment to corporate responsibility/sustainability issues and the way we work and communicate them. Corporate responsibility has been, is, and will always be a key issue for us at Cloetta. We think it’s unfortunate that you have interpreted our communication about Cloetta Good as a way to make it easy for ourselves in these important responsibility issues. We certainly don’t think that one Fairtrade product launch is enough. Cloetta Good is a small but important part of a larger context concerning Cloetta’s corporate responsibility. Unfortunately there is no realistic chance of creating a sustainable supply chain for our whole line of products. We are working to further develop the product line Cloetta Good, which will allow more consumers to buy Fairtrade-certified products. We also believe in joint industry initiatives as one of several strategies to achieve sustainable farming (for example cocoa). We will therefore continue to work with trade organizations on common issues. Our view of corporate responsibility and what Cloetta does is actively updated on our website under the heading Corporate Responsibility, www.cloetta.se/foretagsansvar. Here we describe our way of addressing issues about values, employees, environment, social responsibility and raw materials. Thank you for your invitation, we will be happy to visit you. We would also like to invite you to us in Ljungsbro, so that we can present Cloetta and what we do as part of our corporate responsibility, and create a dialogue on how we can become better at communicating our work on these issues. Let us know so we can schedule a meeting. Curt Petri Managing Director, Cloetta AB