Svenska Möten

Svenska Möten needs help with the launch of 120 conference facilities that recently became certified according to The Nordic Ecolabel (a certification that helps customers to chose environmentally friendly products)

The main problem for Svenska Möten comes down to mediating the actual benefit of an environmental certification for the customer. This is what we love here at Berghs. We, the students, will come up with a creative and strategic launch aimed at the new kind of customer that Svenska Möten at the moment has a problem reaching. And we will also help these new customers realize that an environmentally friendly choice of conference is a better choice for them.

During week 35, 2010 the launch will go live, and the environment will hopefully get a well-deserved push in the right direction.

Gabrielle Lööf | Art Director
David Lundgren | Copywriter
Stephanie Beudat | Interactive Strategist
Sabine Traub | Production Manager
Anna Sjödin | Production Manager
Fredrik Jiserup | Planner
Tove Mellgren | PR
Oscar Eldin | PR