Millions of people worldwide have difficulties swallowing pills. There is no product on the market today that helps with that problem.

MedCoat is a new OTC product that makes it easier to swallow pills.  The company behind MedCoat is MedCoat AB, and was founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs in 2002. The co-founder, Fredrik Lillieblad came up with the idea of MedCoat when he had difficulties swallowing a vitamin B tablet. The tablet tasted bad and had a rough surface. He came up with the idea of a gel coating that would make the tablet’s surface slippery and tasty. This resulted in MedCoat, a gel that is applied manually before ingesting the tablet and eases the swallowing process.

Our role is to create a concept that will successfully help them launch MedCoat on the Swedish market.

Victor Stenström | Art Director
Kalle Åkestam | Copywriter
Philipp Sens | Interactive Strategist
Emma Hammer | Production Manager
Therese Utterström | Production Manager
Navid Zanjani | Planner
Anna-Maria Sjöberg| Project Manager
Martina Ternheim | PR