IVA (The Royal Academy of Engineering) is a Swedish organisation that promotes exchange of ideas and knowledge on engineering  between different actors both private and public, in and outside of Sweden.

IVA recently released a report on the status of the internet in Sweden. In the report several goals were stated about how to create a better IT-nation. One of the focus areas in the report was the Swedish school system and the importance of using ICT (Information Communication Technology).

Our mission is to create a creative campaign to highlight the needs for increased use of ICT in schools.

Johan Wahlberg | Art Director
Hampus Mattsson | Copywriter
Totte Pärlefalk | Interative Strategist
Ylva Weiber Jakobsson | Production Manager
Jessica Erne | Production Manager
Daniel Johansson | Planner
Lovisa Reuter | Planner
Signhild Petrén | PR