We have the privilege to work with the quality label Nature’s Best, a certification that acknowledges 100% sustainable tourism, provided by the non-profit organization Ekoturismföreningen.

This is an organization that has a passionate engagement in the development of ecotourism in Sweden. Their core product is the quality label called Nature’s Best, with the purpose to put ecotourism on the map and raise the quality amongst the Swedish Tour operators. Sweden is one of the top destinations in the world to offer ecotourism; we just haven’t communicated this globally yet. Nature’s Best is also the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe.

“We believe that ecotourism is the future for sustainable tourism in the world and we want to help Nature’s Best to spread the word to the public!”

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Andrea Gezelius | Art Director
Arvid Ringborg | Copywriter
Felipe Montt | Interactive Creative
Anna Messing | Production Manager
Maja Halling | Production Manager
Annica Sandh | Project Manager
Sanna Stenkvist | Planner
Charlotte Jorlén | PR