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We have been given an assignment by Lifebike, a hybrid bike retailer, to strengthen the brand as an alternative to more traditional ways of transportation.

When looking at other markets, such as Holland and China, it is clear that the hybrid bike is the missing part between driving a car and riding a standard bicycle. There is simply a need for the hybrid bike in the modern, environmental friendly yet comfortable world of today.

What we must do is to awake and promote this means of transportation on the Swedish market.

The brief handed out by Lifebike was broad, which provided us many strategic decisions to make and a wide range of creative possibilities. The concept? Visit A Sustainable Plan in May to find out.

Christian Hammar | Art Director
Elisabet Fischer | Copywriter
Olle Isaksson | Interactive Creative
Johan Gerdin | Interactive Strategist
Sophie Tamm Christensen | Production Manager
Rebecca Duvemyr | Project Manager
Stephan Nordlund | Planner
Naomi Fürst | PR

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Our assignment from SEB is to communicate their Corporate Sustainability program. The marketing aim is to reach the target group young adults ages 18-30 years old on the Swedish market. The challenge is to communicate SEB’s work with Corporate Sustainability on a trustworthy way and make it relevant and engaging for the target group.

Malin Berg | Art Director
Björn Carlberg | Copywriter
Tobias Fant | Interactive Strategist
Axel Tagg | Interactive Creative
Peder Swartling | Project Manager
Maja Lobas | Production Manager
Albin Wetter | Planner
Charlotte Helgesen | PR

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With a centralised warehouse with almost 65 000 articles spanning over 5 000 car models Mekonomen aims to facilitate everyone’s CarLife. Now they want to take the entire concept to the next level by making it more sustainable and eco-efficient.

But, how can a automobile spare parts company dedicated to care for one of man’s most un-friendly environmental inventions talk about being future friendly and at the same time being taken seriously?

Our challenge is to communicate Mekonomen’s green vision by making it credible in a time where most of us would agree that the most environment-friendly action to do would be not to drive at all.

Follow us as it’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

Ebba Hultengren | Art Director
Linn Styrwoldt | Copywriter
Fredrik Arrelid | Interactive Strategist
Ulrica Carlsson | Production Manager
Fredrik Skoglund | Production Manager
Helena Svärd | Project Manager
Axel Nordblom | Planner
Jens Hollingby | PR

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The Winner of the Award

The Jury:

“As communicators we have power. Power over public space, over people’s TV-sofas and over their breakfast tables. And because we have that power, we all have an important choice to make every day: Should I use that power to reflect already existing ideals? Or should I use it to make the world just a little bit better?

The nominees are companies and agencies who have done the latter. They have strategically invested today to earn money tomorrow. The winner have taken this farthest. No jury motivation is complete without the word ”brave”, but for once it is actually justifiable.

The winner of A Sustainable Plan – The Award 2010 is ICA and King for ”Jerry”.

Christopher Waldekrantz, A Sustainable Plan, Jessica Bjurström, Komm, Mattias Bohlin, King, Mandarva Mörner Hansen, A Sustainable Plan.

A Sustainable Plan – The Award 2010 will be given to a company or an organization that together with their agency have found exciting, relevant and creative ways to communicate their own sustainable plan.

Judging criterias:

The winning entry must communicate sustainability in a way that is relevant for the client.

The winning entry must stand for real and long-term change and clearly represent the client’s stand for sustainability.

The winning entry must show creativity and generate interest for the client’s initiatives for sustainability in a new and exciting way.

The Nominees:

With ”Jerry”, ICA started the project ”We can do more” to give people with disability a meaningful occupation and to start a debate about integration and alienation.

Client: ICA
Agency: King

The City of Stockholm has since many years worked together with Swedish energy company Fortum to improve lighting in Stockholm, using energy-efficient energy sources. This year they decided to ask the people of Stockholm what places they thought could use a little extra light to ensure nightly comfort and security.

Client: Fortum
Agency: Garbergs

The Airport Coaches’ worst competitors are not other bus companies or trains. It is the habit of taking the car. To address the problem, there was a  need for something that made people think. We decided to ask who really belong on the road, the car or the bus. The average car takes 1.2 people, a bus takes over 50. Which sums up everything. 50 cars or 1 bus?

With a small budget we created a big surprise. We chose a field on the way to Arlanda as the largest media investment. The sculpture had an immediate effect when the car drivers slowed down to see it better, creating long traffic jams. The project got long news reports and was discussed on radio, in newspapers and on blogs – both in Sweden and abroad. Traditional media, such as posters in the subway, presented our arguments in more detail.

On the Web we took it a step further through a site where a live camera not only showed the installation, but also counted every car on the way to the airport. It showed how much carbon dioxide that would have been saved if people took the bus instead of car.

Client: Flygbussarna (The Airport Coaches)
Agency: Acne Advertising

Stockholm Pride has so far mainly touched on themes of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people). This year’s theme “Hetero” however, was also directed to heterosexuals since it highlighted how the heterosexual norm has consequences for us all. (Heterosexual norm is the generic word for society’s expectations of how you “should” be as a man or a woman).

In order to reach beyond their own LGBT community and also to get a dialogue with all the heteros, we needed to make them feel part of this year’s theme and discussions. We designed some heteronormative tests with the question “How hetero?”. The purpose was to get people to reflect over the unwritten rules that tell us how a “real” woman and man should be.

Client: Stockholm Pride
Agency: Åkestam.Holst

Parupu is a children’s chair made of an entirely new material: DuraPulp. The material is very durable, even though it’s made of paper. Therefore, the chair can be recycled like paper. Parupu was shown at Milan Design Week 2009. Our brief was to create a stand and materials to – in competition with the world’s top designers – capture the attention of Milan’s difficult-to-impress-audience.

We decided to focus on Parupu’s target audience – children. In the material we let children test the material in Parupu in different ways. We used variants of DuraPulp in all printed materials to get the right feeling. In the booth, we let visitors experience the children’s perspective, with large murals of adult’s legs and a four meters high chair.

Of course everything can be recycled, just like Parupu. For example, the exhibition catalog can be reused as a coloring book.

Client: Södra Cell
Agency: Garbergs

Sofia Strömberg – Head  principal, Berghs School of Communication

Nina Åkestam – Copywriter, Garbergs

Kristina Eklund – Board member, Komm/Swedish Association of Communication Agencies

Mikael Ström – Copywriter, Ogilvy

Jonas Pinzke – Co-founder,  The Good Guys

Karin Setréus – Senior Consultant, Mind Your Brand

Christina Lindbäck – Director of Environmental Affairs, Ragn-Sells AB and deputy chairman, Svensk Miljömärkning

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