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Good morning Mr. Curt Petri, CEO of Cloetta AB. You just ran out of places to hide.

We have seen your advertising for ”Cloetta Good”, and we’re curious. You claim that this product is produced in a sustainable way, for which it has been marked with the Fairtrade symbol. What about your other 80 or so brands? Where is the sustainable production chain in those?

Do you really think one product is enough to profile Cloetta as a sustainable company?

If you do, then here’s another fact for you. The way you act is the way you communicate. And if you claim you are sustainable, you better deliver on that claim.

At Berghs School of Communication we have realized that our future depends on honesty. We’re tired of being asked to lie. Tired of putting politically correct glitter on politically incorrect shit.

So we have an idea. Why don’t you come to our school and see for yourself how communication can make a difference when you have something real to say. Come and see how having a sustainable plan means having a sustainable way of making money. Come here and leave with a new inspiring perspective.

We will wait for your response, so please send it to In the meantime, we will make this letter public on

This is only the beginning. Are you in or out?

Best regards,


Link to Cloetta’s campaign

To aid us when we question companies and organizations that might not live up to their sustainable promise, we have a group of consultants with extensive experience in CSR.

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 16:59

Skandia Bank och Försäkring

Sustainability has always been a part of Skandias culture and history, by numerous of efforts they have, over the years, contributed to prevent social problems in the Swedish society. Until this day Skandia has chosen to be quiet and has not been communicating their work with sustainability and social development. So how do we take on the assignment with a company, who during its whole existence has worked with sustainability issues, which has social sustainability in its DNA, but never communicated it? This is our challenge.

Magnus Klang | Art Diector
Elsa Lindblad | Copywriter
Clara Grelsson | Interactive Strategist
Lisa Palmberg | Production Manager
Donya Shahabi | Production Manager
Andreas La Torre Ek | Planner
Charlotte Jacobson | Planner
Isabell Blomkrantz | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 11:06

AFA Försäkring

We have been assigned by AFA-Insurance property to profile their office building Münchenbryggeriet, which is beautifully located at Södermälarstrand in Stockholm. The challenge of this task lies in communicating the concept of sustainable development, with the goal to attract a new target group to the property.

Münchenbryggeriet wants to reach tenants who would be stimulated and inspired by the historical character of a unique building, the water view and the calm position in the central area of Stockholm. These companies might be working with media, architecture or fashion. The most important part is that they will get inspired by the building and in return contribute in building Münchenbryggeriet a stronger brand.

AFA is now asking us to help them find new ways of working with sustainable development, a project they have been working with for some time now. We will come up with a creative solution that will profit both Münchenbryggeriet and the region of Stockholm in the progress towards a more sustainable and creative society.

Henrik Ridderheim | Art Director
Sara Boisen | Copywriter
Camilla Palmblad | Interactive Strategist
Pomeline Rosén | Production Manager
Fred Malmros | Production Manager
Lisa Adamsson | Planner
Oscar Sköld | Project Manager
Helena Joseph | PR
Sara Eriksson | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 11:06


Picture a holiday home in a beautiful place. The garden? A forest. The water? A stream. The light? Sunshine streaming in through the windows. Should ordinary people have the chance to buy a holiday home like this? Of course they should, says Drömstugan. And they’re here to help.
Drömstugan in Sweden AB invests in campsites in beautiful places – close to mountains and not far from water. They develop each site, turning them into great places in the great outdoors, with cottages that are affordable housing cooperatives.
Drömstugan have asked us to help them build its brand and communications, focusing on sustainability. They want more people to know who they are and what they stand for, so that more people buy houses on their sites.

Anders Nyberg | Art Director
Fredrik Mattsson | Copywriter
Mia Engström | Interactive Strategist
Jacob Nathanson | Interactive Creative
Petra Qvist | Production Manager
Anna Hjertqvist | Project Manager
Carl Jartman | Project Manager
Lina Bergstrand | PR
Isabel Öhrn | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:37


Millions of people worldwide have difficulties swallowing pills. There is no product on the market today that helps with that problem.

MedCoat is a new OTC product that makes it easier to swallow pills.  The company behind MedCoat is MedCoat AB, and was founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs in 2002. The co-founder, Fredrik Lillieblad came up with the idea of MedCoat when he had difficulties swallowing a vitamin B tablet. The tablet tasted bad and had a rough surface. He came up with the idea of a gel coating that would make the tablet’s surface slippery and tasty. This resulted in MedCoat, a gel that is applied manually before ingesting the tablet and eases the swallowing process.

Our role is to create a concept that will successfully help them launch MedCoat on the Swedish market.

Victor Stenström | Art Director
Kalle Åkestam | Copywriter
Philipp Sens | Interactive Strategist
Emma Hammer | Production Manager
Therese Utterström | Production Manager
Navid Zanjani | Planner
Anna-Maria Sjöberg| Project Manager
Martina Ternheim | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:37


IVA (The Royal Academy of Engineering) is a Swedish organisation that promotes exchange of ideas and knowledge on engineering  between different actors both private and public, in and outside of Sweden.

IVA recently released a report on the status of the internet in Sweden. In the report several goals were stated about how to create a better IT-nation. One of the focus areas in the report was the Swedish school system and the importance of using ICT (Information Communication Technology).

Our mission is to create a creative campaign to highlight the needs for increased use of ICT in schools.

Johan Wahlberg | Art Director
Hampus Mattsson | Copywriter
Totte Pärlefalk | Interative Strategist
Ylva Weiber Jakobsson | Production Manager
Jessica Erne | Production Manager
Daniel Johansson | Planner
Lovisa Reuter | Planner
Signhild Petrén | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:37

Apotek Hjärtat

We have been commissioned by Apotek Hjärtat to examine how the future of pharmacy can be developed linked to their communicative platform “long live life”. We will develop a concept for how Apotek Hjärtat’s sustainability efforts will communicate, both internally and externally.

The challenge is to differentiate the pharmacy in a market that is relatively new, and the group’s goal is that sustainability becomes a natural part of Apotek Hjärtat’s activities.

Felix Söderlind | Art Director
Leo Magnusson | Copywriter
Elvira Ericsson | Interactive Strategist
Maja Folgerø | Interactive Creative
Viktoria Boman | Production Manager
Jeanette Fuchs  Production Manager
Mona Hejazi Cohen | Planner
Camilla Karlsson | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:36


The assignment from Rikspolisstyrelsen is a complex one. The Swedish Police Force today doesn’t have the reputation they want. So, to get that reputation, they’ve asked us for help.

The sustainable plan for the Swedish Police is to get the right person to become a cop. And the right person is someone who got the right values. Someone with a parity of esteem, and a longing to help and support rather than chasing thieves and using a gun.

So, that’s what we’re going to do.

Alexandra Kamis | Art Director
Emerentia Leifsdotter Lund | Copywriter
Victoria Nyberg | Interactive Strategist
Jonas Åhlén | Interactive Creative
Jessica Broms | Production Manager
Linus Nyström Bertholdsson | Production Manager
Roshanak Fatahian | Planner
Maria Sandberg | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:36

Kanon Vodka

We have been commissioned by Gripsholm Vodka distillery to promote the organic product Kanon Vodka, in Sweden and globally. Gripsholm Vodka distillery uses only organic supplies and has a sustainable production process.

The challenge is to bring attention to the consumer awareness of Kanon Vodka and increase the sales on the Swedish market.

Charlotte Karlberg | Art Director
Henrik Bohman | Copywriter
Markus Andersson | Interactive Creative
Lina Appelgren | Production Manager
Axel Runéus | Planner
Jenny Sandqvist | Planner
Anaya Sylwander | PR
Elsa Merhawi | PR

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Tue, March 23, 2010 at 10:36